Wireless Monitoring

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Satellite Alarm
Satellite Alarm

This C1D2 certified model provides immediate communication to & from the unit. Allowing for programming to be done at any point in time from the comfort of your office.

  • Alarms are sent via email, text message, interactive voice, or 24/7 live operator.  You choose!
  • Versatile: able to communicate with various controllers and sensors.
  • Built-in GPS for accurate and precise site reporting.
Cellular Monitoring Unit
Cellular Monitoring Unit

This quick and easy to install model allows for instant communication and reading of data. The Satellite Alarm website allows to quick and easy access to all data, graphs, and unit status.

  • You choose mode of alarm communication: via email, text message, interactive voice, or 24/7 live operator
  • Has the capacity for Modbus communication, allowing for commands to be configured remotely.
  • 3 general purpose digital inputs & outputs with relay option.