Model XP3-C

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High-Low Pilot Model XP3-C

Intermitter maintains a constant static head pressure on the well being produced.

  • H & L set-points easily adjusted
  • Process status at a glance
  • Increases well & field production

XP3-C, Compact Intermitter Brochure

(US Patent No. 7,209,806)

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  • Maintains a constant static head pressure on the well being produced
  • Increases well & field production
  • Low maintenance and low initial cost saves the operator time and money
  • Process status at a glance. With the switch-gauge indicating the actual reading and set-points, the operator instantly knows the conditions of the process
  • High and low set-points are easily adjusted without the need for special testing equipment.
  • Three-way solenoid valve rated to 100 PSI (150 PSI optional) can directly drive a pneumatic actuator
  • Optional auxiliary solar power system can be paired with the intermitter to operate at fields that require high cyclic rates
  • Certified suitable for operating in Class 1 Div 2 Hazardous Areas
  • Rated to operate from -40°C to +85°C ambient temperature
  • Design features Axiom’s standard time proven electronics

Pressure Ranges

Pressure (In stock)


100 PSIG

200 PSIG

300 PSIG

600 PSIG

1,000 PSIG

1,500 PSIG

2,000 PSIG

3,000 PSIG

5,000 PSIG

10,00 PSIG

20,000 PSIG

XP3-C Typical Application